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“Good morning, Sunchoke
“We are ready to embark on an exciting adventure together as a
Today is one of the greatest days of the year: FIELD DAY! I hope you had a good breakfast and now have an appetite for FUN! Remember,
the games begin!”
“Hooray!” shouted
“Wow, that Mitch Spinach is strong!” said Max. “I wish he were on my team!”
for me,” said Max. “Good idea,” Logan agreed.
Dinosaur Soup Recipe and Teaching Points Inside!
Everyone at Sunchoke Elementary now knows that Mitch Mitch Spinach receives a coded message on his futuristic watch asking him to report to the gym. After rescuing Becca out the missing key to the trophy case. When solving the mystery
Find out how Mitch Spinach fuels his remarkable sense of smell and boosts his brain power to take on this new challenge in Book 2 of the Mitch Spinach series.
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